Physical Therapy Abroad: Best physical therapists, hospitals, clinics and medical centers performing Physical Therapy in Overseas.

With respect to the particular problem and amount of challenge, the physical therapy will vary. Patients will discover that physical therapy in the United States is very costly and frequently limits the treatment options to traditional medicinal practises with few alternative options.

Physical Therapy Abroad

Obtaining physical therapy abroad like a medical tourist can open doors to treatments that are not available in the United States and lower the cost of learning to use the limbs and the body to the best possible degree. Treatments range from the exercises found in normal therapy to alternative treatments that will help relieve pain for better results. Overseas physical therapy can be obtained to patients for a reasonable price.

Overseas Physical Therapists

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The very best clinics & Medical Centers for Physical Therapy

Quirón Madrid University Hospital

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Hospital Quirón Madrid, Private Hospital, Spain An ISO certified modern private hospital, that was opened in 2006, and it is part of the Quirón Hospital Group. This tertiary care hospital 400 has certified physicians all medical specialties capable of treating probably the most complicated medical cases.

German Hospital Camlica

Physical Therapy can be obtained at German Hospital Camlica.Private Hospital, Turkey, German Hospital Camlica has achieved a 7 star rating. It’s 24 highly skilled and experienced physicians, who treat around 500 international patients every year.

San Fernando Hospital

Physical Therapy is available at San Fernando Hospital.Private Hospital, Panama,JCI Accreditation, Certainly one of Panama’s largest hospitals, offering an array of medical specialties and fully equipped facilities. Clinica Hospital San Fernando was the very first hospital in Panama to become accredited by the JCI.

Bumrungrad Hospital

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Bumrungrad Hospital.Private Hospital, Thailand, JCI Accreditation, Thai HA Accreditation,Bumrungrad International is definitely an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital found in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Chaophya Hospital

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Chaophya Hospital.Private Hospital, Thailand,JCI Accreditation, The Chaophya Hospital is really a JCI accredited, tertiary private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, that has been in operation since 1991. It has an international department that provides a comprehensive range of supporting services to foreign patients.

Mission Hospital

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Mission Hospital.Private Hospital, Thailand, Thai HA Accreditation, This general hospital in Bangkok provides a full range of services including Plastic surgery. It has been accredited by the Hospital Accreditation Thailand and it has been serving patients in excess of 70 years.

EuroMedic Healthcare IL

Physical Therapy can be obtained at EuroMedic Healthcare IL.Medical Travel Guide, Israel, A professional medical travel agency based in Israel, using a number of Israeli hospitals. The EuroMedic employees are multilingual, and their service covers every aspect of medical travel, from getting price quotes, to admission and recovery.

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Tawakkal Hospital.Private Hospital, Malaysia,MSQH Accreditation, Area of the KPJ Healthcare Group, which owns 19 hospitals in Malaysia, a healthcare facility has more than 50 resident physicians focusing on orthopedics, dermatology, hematology, neurology, pediatric surgery, radiology, physiotherapy, urology, ob-gyn, ENT and much more.

Hospital San Jose Tec De Monterrey

Physical Therapy is available at Hospital San Jose Tec De Monterrey,Private Hospital, Mexico,JCI Accreditation, A JCI accredited hospital, located 150 miles in the border with Texas, Usa. The hospital is a full range tertiary care hospital, with five regions of excellence: Cardiology, Oncology, Neuroscience, Organ Transplant and Liver Disease.

Hospital Punta Pacifica

Physical Therapy can be obtained at Hospital Punta Pacifica.Private Hospital, Panama,JCI Accreditation, A contemporary private hospital which is associated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Most of the doctors and surgeons at Hospital Punta Pacifica were been trained in the USA or in Europe.