Indian alternative therapies in India is Naturopathy, the industry holistic therapy that depends on natural remedies.


One of the most famous destinations for alternative treatment and therapies with cost-effective prices, India provides a wide range of unconventional treatments which have been praised by patients all over the world. The country draws a lot of tourists each year who’re solely after alternative therapies.

Alternative Therapy India

The best way of achieving Enlightenment, yoga continues to be practiced for thousands of years in India. There are lots of retreat centers that provide this ideal meditation, that is considered to improve the health insurance and well-being of the practitioners. The primary destinations for yoga centers in India are Rishikesh, around the lovely banks from the Ganges, where many ashrams are cheap and peaceful, and Kerala, a future destination.

Indian Alternative Therapies

Other popular alternative therapy in India is Naturopathy, the industry holistic therapy that depends on natural remedies. Acupuncturists, Ayurvedic practitioners along with other therapies all employ naturopathy within their treatments, including detoxification and colonic irrigation. Naturopathic doctors are available in many hospitals round the country. The doctors will work a physical examination to deal with an illness, both mental and physical.

There are lots of Indian traditional therapies, that are practiced by many Indian tribes and rural people who are more effective in many incurable diseases, like migraine, insomnia, mental disorders, sinusitis, asthma, indigestion, arthritis, spondylitis, sciatica, paralysis, eczema, drug abuse, viral infection, generally ill health, etc. Several therapies I have described below.

Oil Therapeutic massage or Kerala Ayurveda (Dhara)

Oil therapeutic massage or Dhara traces its roots to 3000 years. This treatments are generally practiced through the Kerala’s people. Many centers are in place in Kerala these days, which offer this therapy. Basically this treatments are a cure for a variety of both mental and physical diseases, strains and tensions, arthritis, spondylitis, paralysis, obesity, sinusitis, migraine, rheumatism, etc.

Magnetic Therapy

The term magnetic therapy originates from the magnet. Within this process, the different positive forces of the magnet are taken into consideration to cure any kind of diseases. Within the Atharvaveda words like ‘sikata’ and ‘ashman’ were utilised which mean ‘sand’ and ‘stone’ respectively. Both of these elements were effectively accustomed to counter ravages, wrought by bleeding as well as for countering infertility among women. Ceramic magnetic devices owe their origin towards the above two elements, along with iron.

Mud Therapy

Mud treatments are regarded as 1000 years of age traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine by which different layers of mud paste are put on the body against diseases. Basically Indian rural and tribal people think that mud has many medical properties for those kinds of diseases. They smear mud around the inner and surface in their houses to help keep it cool during summer and warm during wintertime, and most importantly, to keep diseases and germs away from houses.

This is the best management of many incurable diseases for example migraine, insomnia, mental disorders, sinusitis, asthma, indigestion, arthritis, spondylitis, sciatica, paralysis, eczema, viral infection, general ill health, etc.

Agnikarma or Tau-dam

Tau-dam is a basically a traditional Himalayan therapy practiced through the rural Himalayan people for liver troubles, stomach troubles, backache, etc. Based on Tewari (2002), this therapy seemed to be practiced by the ancient people and it is mentioned in Ayurveda as agnikarma. He mentions that in other areas of India also this treatments are used for stomach and liver troubles.

Tau treatments are generally practiced through the older people of village and it is compulsory for 6 month to 1-year old children. A 45-60 cm long iron rod is known as the tau, which is sharply curved on one side and has one or two holes based upon the diseases. Within this therapy, tau device is positioned on burning fire till it gets red-hot. The seniors touch this red-hot tau around the affected skin for just a few seconds. And after branding it, they massage the affected region with the mustard or essential olive oil.

Magical Therapies

As the majority of the Indian people think that diseases are the consequence of the wrath of gods, they treat diseases through magical therapies, like zadu tona, tantra mantra, jhar phuk, etc.

Within the Central Himalayan region an enchanting therapy is practiced very widely against diseases. This magical treatments are very ancient and called jagar. Based on the Himalayan people this is the best remedy for many incurable diseases, especially mental and psychiatric diseases. Jagar is held during the night and takes one evening or twenty-two nights based upon the severity of the wrath from the local god.

Herbal Therapies

Ayurveda is a herbal medicine system also it cures many incurable diseases. These natural herbs are used in the form of powder, decoction, tonic, etc. This can be a single herb or perhaps a mixture of many natural herbs, depending on the diseases and also the treatment required.


Yoga is a comprehensive term comprising yogasanas, breath control, meditation, etc. The term Yoga in Sanskrit way to link, to unite and it is ultimate goal would be to achieve a reunion in our soul (jeevatma) with the supreme soul (paramatma). The primary aim of yoga would be to build physical and mental powers inside a human body.

India also offers a growing number of spas and health centers that provide massage, meditation, yoga and herbal medication, which are based on Ayurvedic medicine and use. There are a large number of licensed Indian healers and yoga trainers across the nation while Ayurvedic spas have popped up everywhere in India, most abundant in famous being in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Due to the very affordable prices, India has attracted many tourists to the alternative medicines and unconventional therapies. Many of these establishments boast modern facilities and optimum services while all specialists have experienced years of experience. Visitors may also indulge in the country’s rich culture and explore the historical delights.