Many European wellness centers provide a combination of cryotherapy and physical therapy

New to the U.S., but popular in Europe for many decades, may be the cryogenic chamber therapy (also known as entire body cryotherapy). The treatment takes place in a cold chamber, in which the temperature has been cooled with liquid nitrogen to -180°F or lower. The individual enters the chamber at a pool party and only his/her feet, hands, mouth, nose and ears are covered to safeguard from frostbites. The total duration of laser hair removal is no longer than three minutes. Within a few moments, the ice shock drops the typical skin temperature to as little as 45°F, while leaving the core body’s temperature unchanged. This major distinction between skin and body temperature triggers the discharge of endorphins, which in turn come with an immediate pain relieving effect. This pain-free feeling lasts just for a couple of hours, but when the therapy is used more often, has a long-lasting effect.

Cryotherapy Treatment

Many European wellness centers provide a combination of cryotherapy and physical therapy. As stated, the pain-free condition only can last for a short period of time. Therefore, to make use of this valuable state free of any pain, the individual receives subsequently customized physio-therapeutic exercises with movements she or he would otherwise not be able to perform because of prevailing agony. These targeted exercises result in an even longer-lasting relief. When applied regularly, the pain sensation can be gone for months.

What’s Cryotherapy?

In spa terminology Cryotherapy means the use of a very cold or frozen compress to deal with muscles and joints which are sore or fatigued after exercise (not be confused with the radiologic-based cryotherapy technique which is often used in the treatment of cancer). Historically, and until artificial packs are intended, Cryotherapy was only available in countries with lots of snow and ice.

Cryosurgery Abroad – Hospital Guide and Medical Tourism Facilities in Europe
Hospitals, clinics and medical centers offering Cryosurgery to international patients.

Asklepion, Prague

This clinic situated in Prague has a long-termed experience in aesthetic cosmetic surgery. Asklepion is a network of aesthetic medicine centers situated in Czech Republic. The clinic offers patients an intricate overview of their problems or desires to create a beauty founded on health. Its specialist take part in researches to develop new procedures and technology, lecture at most important multinational congresses, teach at medical facilities and hold training events for doctors in Czech Republic and abroad.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Istanbul

This number of hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey, focuses on organ transplantation, orthopedics and spine, in addition to Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals are located in Istanbul, Turkey. The group of hospitals offer patient-centered and specialized healthcare by integrating education, research and technology with clinical care within their healthcare program.

MedTour Greece, Athens

MedTour Greece is a medical tourism company operating in Greece using the major goal to provide top quality healthcare services to international patients. We’re affiliated with the best hospitals and clinics within the Greek healthcare industry and have strong collaborations using the biggest travel and tourism organizations in Greece.

University Clinic Freiburg

University Medical Center Freiburg is one of the largest and leading medical facilities in Germany. The middle has a long and rich history with five Nobel Prize winners included in the physician staff. The center offers ready use of world-class medical treatment, focusing on novel diagnostic procedures using the latest findings in clinical and biomedical research.

American Hospital of Paris

The American Hospital of Paris began in 1906 to serve Americans residing in Paris, France. Today, the multi-specialty hospital suits international patients from all over the world.
The American Hospital of Paris has lots of programs dedicated to serving international patients, like the American Relations Coordinator, the International Team, japan Program and the Chinese Program.

Barcelona Centre Medic, Barcelona

This medical travel company aims to find clients top quality medical service provided by probably the most prestigious healthcare centres in Barcelona. there is a specialisations and medical treatments you need to remain healthy, provided by the most prestigious medical centres and highly qualified medical staff.