Bali is Spa Paradise it has to have the highest ratio of spas to population of anywhere on the planet.

Bali’s history and culture are very much alive while you travel round this beautiful Indonesian island. From classical Gamelan music and dancing towards the arts and crafts of Ubud and a rich tradition of specialist spa treatments, Bali creates a great destination for a re-energising spa holiday.
Bali might be small in size, self-styled destination, that has plenty to offer, also to explore the nation you can drive around the entire coast in a single long day, but its fame like a destination is huge, and consequently relaxing cultural journey.

Spa Therapy in Bali

Spa Therapy in Bali

Spas in Bali

The Spas in Bali offer a variety of Massages and Spa( Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu from Japan and Lomi-Lomi from Hawaii ), body wraps, polishes and scrubs ( such as the Royal Javanese Lulur and the Balinese Boreh ), Chinese Reflexology and lots of Ayurvedic styles of treatment. Advanced spas offer Colon cleansing and personal treatments.

Here list every spa and massage salon through the entire island of Bali. From the small local salon offering a fundamental massage up to the extensive treatment programs in the new super luxurious spa resorts which are opening throughout Bali regularly.

Zen Bali

A place where every day life is always a peaceful experience ! Zen Bali offers possibilities to live Bali holistic experiences – Zen Bali genuine Spa treatments and Ayurveda therapeutic massage, Bali yoga and meditation retreats, Spa vacation and relaxing hospitality in Bali and many ways to escape the world in Bali.

Your body Spa in Kuta and Jimbaran, Bali

Body treatment, Beauty treatment, Massage and spa in your body spa Kuta or Jimbaran Bali can make your vacation in Bali more complete and pleases.Your body Spa in Kuta Bali, Having address at Jl. Miss Ngurah Rai Pertokoan Tuban Plaza blok 7 Kuta Bali. Have 12 beds with 3 couple room with every room there is bath tub and 6 single room to see relatives massage accompanied with 2 tub single, also available salon room. The spa room is arranged comfortably could make you really relax.

Natalie Spa

The Natalie Spa reputable establishment boast an array of beauty treatment and therapies and provide all-inone jacuzzi massage. our situated in Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia.

Sicilia Spa

Sicilia Spa may be the spa in Kuta area-located near the ocean is providing all-natural spa treatments created just for those of every level individuals who is seeking to relax.

Jelatik Esthetic Ubud Spa

Jelatik Esthetic Ubud Spa, create unique ritual and sweetness therapies using herbal and natural product, exotic spices are coupled with locally grown herbs and flowers.

Mandurah Spa and sweetness

Mandurah Spa is the spa in Sanur area-located close to the ocean is offering all-natural spa treatments created just for those of every level individuals who is seeking to relax.

My Spa Bali

Retreat for any little while from your busy day and experience top class service in an unbelievably comfy atmosphere. At that time, you will have discovered what it way to be pempered at My Spa.

Sedona Spa

Sedona spa provide you with service which is pure inside a traditional nuance, location in section of art Ubud village, still reflects the good thing about Balinese art & culture purely.

Venezia Health club & Salon

Venezia day spa and salon greet you to a place, where that you could find a great Relaxation, health, beauty, harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Tamara Spa Beauty and the body Treatment

Tamara Spa is located at Jimbaran Area, with Traditional Balinese Building, Is known as by “The Garden of Manggo” only Ten minutes from International Ngurah Rai Airport.

Verona Spa, The good thing about Relaxation, ubud

The spa operates with totally holistic approach the wonder and healing. All body products happen to be internally produced using only natural herb and spice ingredients in addition to essential massage oils.