Information about massage therapy and spas in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. It is based on the Indian Ocean, towards the southwest of the Bay of Bengal. The nation is famous for the production and export of tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon – that is native to the country. The natural great thing about Sri Lanka’s tropical forests, beaches and landscape, along with its rich cultural heritage, turn it into a world famous tourist destination. The weather of Sri Lanka can be described as tropical and warm.

Sri Lanka Spas

Sri Lanka Spas

Nearly all Sri Lankans speak Sinhala and there is also a consierable quantity of Tamil speaking people. English is often used in most cities.
Sri Lanka is preferred health and medical destination. It welcomes visitors from around the globe seeking remedies for a selection of medical needs. Also, Sri Lanka offers quality plastic surgery at low prices.

Information about massage therapy and spas in Sri Lanka.

Sometimes travelers have to unwind by visiting a spa, or look for massage therapy to relax and ease their pain. Please submit reviews, recommendations, or inquiries about opportunities in Sri Lanka where weary travelers will find relief.

When planning a holiday many people look for best comfort and relaxation and more importantly if the vacation spot has spa treatment. Spas didn’t emerge in the 21st century but was available 1000’s of years ago when mostly queens and kings had the luxury of soaking themselves in hot springs. Consider of late it has become a hot favourite one of the common traveller. Spas are now available even just in malls, office buildings, salons, hotels and lodges.

Each spa is different from another and there are different kinds of spas all over the world. However Sri Lanka receives a many tourists to its spa hotels mainly because of its affordable price and tropical weather conditions. One of the first things a traveller asks when booking hotel accommodation is whether or not it is a spa hotel. Therefore Sri Lankan Spa hotels have a superior demand today.

Spa hotels in Sri Lanka provide a relaxing environment, soothing music, a calming atmosphere along with unique spa treatments. These treatments include body massages to pamper the body or merely for health advantages. Most Sri Lankan spa centres offer manicures, pedicures, facials along with other beauty treatment. In addition spa centres in Sri Lankan resorts or hotels offer fitness classes, aerobics and exercise schedules along with healthy spa cuisine. Additionally they offer the services of health care professionals and other experienced medical representatives. Spending the holiday in a spa resort is exactly what most business travellers search for today. This way, they are able to relax and keep in touch with their work.

Along with comfortable accommodation Spa hotels in Sri Lanka provide a unique range of ayurvedic treatment and employ indigenous herbs which are healthy and natural. As part of wellness programmes a few spa hotels in Sri Lanka offer breathtaking places with simply natural sounds of birds that are ideal for meditation

Spas in Sri Lanka

Amaya Lake – Kandalama, Dambulla , Sri Lanka.
Help your vacation with the rejuvenating Ayurvedic spa treatment at Amaya Lake. Head massages and full treatments providing total relaxation.

Saman Villas – Athuruwella, Bentotota , Sri Lanka.
Uncover the aromatic flower baths, herbal body cocoons, chocolate aroma massage and facials, neem baths, exfoliating scrubs and aromatherapy massages manned through the trained therapists at Saman Villas’ Sahana Spa

Sri Lanka Spas and Massage Therapy for Free Mind Soul

Spa hotels in Sri Lanka

The Elephant Corridor – Kibissa, Sigiriya , Sri Lanka.
Natural healing science offered through latest spa treatments using herbs and native ingredients. Experience a Personalised Intensive Regeneration Programme according to Ayurveda and Panchakarma focusing to create the right balance in body and mind at Elephant Corridor hotel spa.

Eden Resort and Spa – Kaluwamodera, Sri Lanka.
Take in a serene surrounding combined with the cleansing heat of Eden Resort’s Spa making the best out of your vacation by providing the pampering your body deserves.

Vil Uyana – Rangirigama, Sigiriya Sri Lanka.
A mix of Eastern and Western treatments including massage therapy services administered by qualified masseurs all offered in one place at Vil Uyana Spa.

Lighthouse Hotel & Spa – Dadella, Galle Sri Lanka.
Enjoy holistic healing methods practiced within the Lighthouse hotel’s designer spa. Treatments include refreshing body baths, facials , pedicure, manicure and massages.

Kandalama Hotel & Spa – Dadella, Galle Sri Lanka.
The Six Senses Spa at Kandalama Hotel provides a unique sensory experience with its therapy packages to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The spa uses indigenous herbs, tropical fruits and exotic oils with steam, sauna, massage and scrubs.

Going for a spa break at a Sri Lankan destination is going to be definitely one of truly valuable along with a memorable experience so why not make time to go through the Spa hotels we’ve featured in our site that are renowned to offer the best and different spa treatments in keeping with international standards.